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Velux is the brand name for skylights, loft windows and roof windows. A velux conversion is one that uses roof light windows installed into the pitch of a roof to give natural light and ventilation. This option is generally adequate for those contemplating loft conversions in order to gain either a study or a bedroom, with or without an en-suite. Velux Conversions have the same structural floor, stair access and insulation as all other types, however, the new room/s are contained within the existing roof structure. With this type of conversion, we make no external alterations to the existing roof profile, therefore you do not normally require planning permission. There is a minimum height requirement for this type of conversion, as in some properties the existing standing room can be limited. Please contact us for further details. As long as your existing loft has sufficient height, a Velux conversion is suitable for almost all properties

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Lofts originally were inexpensive places for impoverished artists to live and work but modern loft spaces offer distinct appeal to certain homeowners in today’s home design market. Fun and whimsical, serious workspaces and/or family-friendly space, our house plans with lofts come in a variety of styles, sizes, and categories. Loft space can provide an open and light feel to family-friendly space where homeowners have the freedom to create their own quirky design ideas into their home while also adding additional functional space.

Commons uses for loft space include warm and friendly entertaining space, offices/studies, libraries, playrooms for small children and homework stations for older children. With open floor plans becoming increasingly popular and the continually blurred lines of work and play, lofts accentuate the modern family’s relationship of navigating life’s challenges. Oftentimes, small floor plans or large families are searching for real-life solutions that utilize square footage in creative ways by looking upward and compartmentalizing space. Lofts are beneficial to family living, artists looking for creative space and homeowners craving the flexibility in arranging additional living space.

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