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Loft Conversion.

Finchley Central, London N3.

Loft conversions vary from property to property. In 9 out of 10 cases a loft conversion is possible. Planning permission for loft conversion is often required but this depends on the property and is not always the case. On our first free consultation visit, we will be able to advise you on all the possibilities that your property has. We will discuss all of your loft requirements and the opportunities available to you.

You will also receive a free no obligation quotation for a complete loft conversion to be carried out, from plans to completion with no hidden extras.

We will handle the whole attic conversion process. From drawing up architectural plans and design to dealing with applications for planning permission (if necessary) and building regulations. Once we have building control approval then building works on your new loft conversion can be started at a time that suits you.

Spacious loft bedroom with the best views.

From this point onwards we will deal with all aspects of loft conversion, right up until your loft conversion is ready for decoration. Our project manager will be available to answer your every call and request throughout the whole process. You will always be in the know about what work is taking place, and any new loft ideas you may have can be discussed.

2 Velux windows have been fitted to the front roof. Engineered oak flooring have been fitted to loft bedroom.


Glass door to ensuite and bespoke timber french door with glass juliet balcony.


Loft bathroom.

loft bathoom mosaic tiles

loft ensuite mosaic tiles



An unvented hot water cylinder.

Megaflo cylinders form what is known as an unvented system – this is pressurised to mains water pressure, ensuring a strong flow of hot water when you turn a tap on in the home, regardless of where it is located. The actual pressure in this type of hot water cylinder is normally about 3 bar, which is equivalent to a cold water tank being 30m above the tap for a heat-only system. The cold water is fed into the bottom of the tank at mains pressure. This forces the hot water out at the top and this then travels to the tap. This means that you have great pressure all the time, so gone are the days of the dreaded dripping shower!

Since the volume of water increases as it gets heated, all unvented systems require some sort of expansion vessel to absorb this increased volume. The nice thing about the Megaflo models is that they contain an enclosed air bubble within the tank itself, which acts as the expansion vessel so you don’t require an external one. It’s worth mentioning, though, that over time the air bubble can be absorbed into the water; this can be recharged as part of an annual boiler service.

Like other heating systems, the hot water within the Megaflo can be produced by immersion units (so heated with electricity), boilers or even solar thermal. If you buy a twin-coil unit, you can feed the tank with two sources of hot water: a boiler plus solar thermal, for example.

Although there are lots of hot water tanks suitable for use within unvented systems, the Megaflo is the market leader in the UK. This is partly because the brand, but the performance of these cylinders really is very good. They are tested to withstand 15 bar of pressure, so you can be sure they are up to the job of operating at these higher pressures (compared to conventional heat-only systems).

There is an example of our installation in airring cupboard.

We are seeing more and more people installing Megaflo heating systems in their homes, but what are they and why are they becoming so popular? Well, a Megaflo is essentially a brand of hot water tank – but the major difference is how they are plumbed in.

Older, traditional heat only systems have cold water expansion tanks up in the roof, and it is the height of this cold water tank above the hot water cylinder that generates the pressure that delivers the hot water to the taps. For taps on the lower floors, this tends to work perfectly, but for bathrooms upstairs the pressure is often not great and so you get issues like weak showers or baths that take an age to fill up. In many cases, this is sorted by installing a pump that drives the water from the hot water tank to the required faucet, but installing a Megaflo does away with all these issues!



Pictures from loft conversion in Finchley Central, London N3.




New front roof in Finchley Central, London N3.

Additional to loft conversion project, the front roof has been completely renewed. Old tiles and battens have been stripped off and removed. All roof slopes have been batten up and breathable membrane installed.  The roof has been tiled with new clay tiles.