Loft Conversion Islington N5

L shaped loft dormers

L-shaped loft conversion in Islington N5


A loft conversion such as the one created by Barnet Loft Company, Islington is a prime example of how London families can benefit greatly from choosing to convert their unused loft in favour of uprooting and moving home.
loft landing
loft landing

Transforming a dark and dingy loft into a beautiful living space is what the husband and wife run team at Barnet Loft Company specialise in. In this case, an L-shape rear dormer loft was converted into a multipurpose living area. Two brand new bedrooms were added as well as an entirely bespoke bathroom consisting of bath, toilet, washbasin, radiators and three skylight window.

loft staircase
loft staircase

The request for two extra bedrooms and an ensuite bathroom was easily dealt with by the husband and wife run team at Barnet Loft Company. With a crew skilled in crafting bespoke and ready-to-live-in loft conversions, everything from planning permission to building a brand new staircase was handled by their expert team. Skylights as well as multiple windows, including a Juliet balcony window were installed to allow more natural light to flow into the property, as well as creating a feeling of space and tranquillity by utilising a more open plan bedroom aesthetic.

loft bedroom

Carpet laying, bathroom tiling, window fitting and plumbing the shower, toilet and radiators into the existing system – all easily and expertly handled by the specialist team at Barnet Loft Company  who turned this unused loft into a fantastic new space.With house prices rising steadily in London, people are looking to extend or rejuvenate their homes by utilising the skills on hand at Barnet Loft Company to breathe new life into their home and turn their existing space into something better.

loft bedroom islington


Many of Islington large detached and semi-detached properties are real family homes, in which families settle for many years as they raise their children. Living in such a property, many people simply do not realize the vast hidden potential that is their attic; the sometimes vast amount of square footage that is just waiting to be discovered, and to be converted into a stunning, habitable space. Don’t leave your loft as wasted space when a loft conversion in Islington could greatly improve the way you and your family live their lives.

A loft conversion in a large detached property can offer endless possibilities. Whether you decide to create your own luxurious master suite complete with bedroom, bathroom and dressing room, or a vast living space at the top of the house dedicated entirely to your children, a call to the Barnet Loft Conversions is the first step to making your ideas a reality.